Here’s my wish for YOU. Confidence and deep self-love.

That you discover and OWN your inner light and walk this earth living in it. That you’re empowered to live a life infused with love, purpose and inspiration every day.

That you break the cycle of fear and dullness, in service of a more loving, playful, healthy and compassionate world. Starting with your own.

And ultimately, that you unleash your full potential.

Let’s do it together; I’m here to serve you. Pick your course and I’ll see you there.


Goddesses in the world - Celebrating the Goddess within

Unlock your life with a simple and effortless technique, developed by Deepak Chopra™

  • Rediscover your true self
  • Find freedom in the face of any challenge
  • Access and awaken the happiness, joy, fulfilment, wellbeing, peace and potential that already exists inside you
  • Release anxiety, stress and fear in a natural way
  • Break free from disempowering patterns in your life

If you’re new to meditation, and you’d like to experience first hand the sense of peace and bliss you get with meditating with a mantra, this short session is for you.

  • Learn the benefits of meditation as an antidote to stress
  • Learn what is meditation and the health benefits from practicing daily
  • Learn to meditate with a mantra to cut through the noise of your thoughts and sink into silence and stillness, easily and effortlessly

Start your week powerfully, by joining a group of like-minded souls and be guided into peace, joy and renewal.

Join us online, on Zoom, every Monday at 7:30pm NZT for a nourishing and uplifting meditation [FREE].

Student Feedback

I’ve had the pleasure of taking Sofia’s Primordial Sound Meditation course and her methods are easy to understand and follow. Since my classes I’ve been meditating with ease and I’ve already noticed the change. I’ve a very busy mind, can’t sit still for too long and I thought I wouldn’t be able to last 30 minutes. To my surprise, each time I meditate time flies and I feel amazing afterwards. I’ve been meditating regularly and I feel calmer, at peace, I can sleep and think better. I’m not on edge all the time and with everything that’s going on at the moment, these classes came at a perfect time. I strongly recommend Sofia’s meditation classes. – Ana H.

I enjoyed the course and its presentation. Even after just 7 weeks I am finding it a help with my ongoing struggle with depression and self-worth. Thank you. – T.S.

Sofia’s classes are awesome – Karl E.

One of the first times I’ve been able to enter the state of bliss so easily and quickly without distraction. – Maria R.

I did the Primordial Sound Meditation course with Sofia and it was everything she promises and more. Sofia takes you on your journey in a beautiful gentle way and her kindness, support and dedication to the craft, creates a wonderful experience together. – Robyn C.

I used to find meditating a real challenge but with Sofia’s training I have a new found eagerness to meditate. The course content, the way she delivers it and her approach and passion for spreading this amazing tool is authentic and inspiring. I would absolutely recommend this course! Thank you Sofia – Rochelle J.

Gentle guidance, non-judgemental, unwavering encouragement and guidance Sofia is genuinely interested in everyone achieving unconditional joy and love in their lives – J.D.

Loved all the explanations of the benefits of meditation. Enjoyed all the practical aspects of meditations, the different types of meditations and the scientific benefits and background of meditation. Sofia was great, she made me feel safe and comfortable and she made the course very enjoyable and enriching. The course was eye-opening. – K.H.H.

I really loved the course. It was great. You are very good at explaining all the topics. I highly recommend this class. It will help anyone to relax and know more about yourself. Thank you. – A. H.

I loved this course! It opened my mind to new and better ways of thinking and encouraged me to challenge strongly-held beliefs and thought-patterns that have been entrenched in me for many years. I would highly recommend this course to everyone, whether you are wanting to do meditation or not. – J.W.