Goddess Stories

Our worlds are populated by beautiful Goddesses everywhere. The kind of women who create their life by design, who own their inner power and bring special magic to our communities and our lives.

They’re not necessarily celebrated in the limelight, but they’re a demonstration of what’s possible when us women take the courage to embark on a journey of self-discovery and reclaim our inner confidence and light.

This section is dedicated to celebrating one Goddess at a time, and to serve as inspiration to all of us. Here, we discuss candidly what it really takes to create a life that’s true to our desires. It’s not always pretty and nothing will be sugar-coated. These are real Goddesses living in the real world.

Discover how to create a life in your own terms with Ange Macdonald

Susan Harrington-Baker is the founder of Love Being You and her mission is to help people understand themselves better and use their own intuition, wisdom and truth to navigate life.

Goddess Stories - Jax Storey

Maria Vlachou - Goddess Story: Powerful women following their passion, women making their mark in the world