Group Meditation

Every week, on Monday, 7:30pm NZ time, we meet for a group meditation.

Join us from anywhere in the world on Zoom [FREE], or in-person at Wildcrafted Wellness Collective – Christchurch, New Zealand [GOLD COIN].

Why this weekly meditation group?

The wellbeing, clarity, fulfilment, joy, creativity, vitality, peace and wealth you’re looking for already exist within you.

Who you were born to be sits right at the core of who you are, it’s just that the conditioning of our past experiences keeps us from SEEING it, BEING it and EXPERIENCING it.

We’re not the labels and roles we assigned ourselves in life. That’s just the armour that we developed to protect us from life experience.

This armour keeps you disconnected, afraid, lonely and depleted.

Who you truly are is so much bigger than that… Your true self is unbounded and limitless.

Simply by sitting in stillness and silence for a few minutes a day dissolves the stress, toxins and stories that keep you from experiencing life as the miracle that it is.

When the chaos of the mind is tamed, there you are, in all your beauty, glory, wholeness and perfection.
And not in a “woo-woo” kind of way, but actually in a way that starts expanding into all aspects of your life.

I’ve trained as a Chopra Meditation™ Instructor and I can’t wait to take you on a weekly journey back to who you are and returning you to a state of love, inspiration and joy.


Time: 7:30pm – 8:15pm NZ Time (see your local time here)
Zoom: Join here (or use meeting ID 878 313 9052)
In-Person: 167C Waltham Road, Christchurch, NZ

With all my love and excitement,

P.S. You are a force for good and the (your) world needs your uniqueness, beauty and gifts. See you next Monday x