Release limiting beliefs and unlock your power to create the life you desire

Imagine waking up every day in a life, body and state of being that you love. Feeling supported, abundant and truly well.

Imagine experiencing the vitality, joy, love, confidence, connection and abundance you’ve always desired.

And whenever you experience challenges, imagine being able to get right to the root cause, remove blocks and limiting beliefs instantly and create the outcome you desire.

That’s the mind-blowing power of ThetaHealing®.

How ThetaHealing® Works

ThetaHealing® is a modality of energy healing that creates instant physical, psychological and spiritual healing.

We use a meditative process to connect with universal energy, access your subconscious mind and detect thought-forms that are preventing you from achieving/having/being what you want in life or creating and sustaining pain and illness.

The work happens through the release of limiting beliefs, downloads of feelings, healing and creating changes you’ll be able to feel instantly.

About a ThetaHealing® Session

Here’s how a 1 hour ThetaHealing® session works:

You ask a question or state an area of your life that you’d like to work on right now.

As your ThetaHealer®, I will use a meditative process to access Theta brainwaves (similar to what’s used in hypnotherapy), ask permission to connect with your energy and do a scan to look for blocks or limiting beliefs.

I will share with you what I see and ask permission to perform commands to release/replace beliefs, heal and downloads of empowering feelings. Nothing can be changed without your permission.

You will experience the changes immediately and you’ll leave the session feeling lighter and freer. These changes will continue to unfold in your life after the session.

Sessions can be done in person (Christchurch, New Zealand only), or online (anywhere in the world).


“I feel very enlightened, looking forward to the future, letting go of past traumas seeing the good in those around me and understanding I don’t need anyone’s approval. I am grateful we crossed paths.”

— A.L.

“Sofia’s gentle guidance and quiet power helped me tap into something deep and authentic during our theta healing session that I have never paid attention to before. I left the session feeling light and free, as if I have shed ancient burdens. Give yourself this gift, it’s a truly peaceful, rich and rewarding experience.”

— Y.Z.

“Absolutely amazing, thank you so much! It’s like you said, layers seem to have disappeared. I’ve been doing tasks at work I don’t normally do, understanding them and feeling really proud of myself! It feels as if my whole attitude has shifted – I’m feeling confident, happy – nothing is a problem. I really can’t thank you enough.”

— R.L.

“After clearing issues around the sale of my house and using ThetaHealing® to ask for what I wanted and clear limiting beliefs, it sold within a week of being listed, for more money than I’d asked for. I am blown away.”

— S.E.

“Thank you for the session last night. I slept really well and woke up very relaxed and at peace. That pain on my shoulder is gone like magic. You lead the session with compassion and precision. And you managed to bring to the surface limiting beliefs that were hidden so deep, that I didn’t even know. Thank you, Sofia. You have a gift. “

— A.H.

“My healing/ reading with you really opened my eyes! I’ve learnt to say no for my own sake, I’ve also ended friendships with those who serve me no good! I’m more focused on my responsibilities, more focused on my dreams, with no worries about what other people will think of me. I’m more confident in my strength and I’m ready and motivated to step into my light and spread love.”

— A.S.

About your ThetaHealing® Practitioner

Sofia Eastmond - Author and creator of Goddesses in the World

Hi, I’m Sofia Eastmond.

I am passionate about ending human suffering, people reaching their full potential and living life from an abundant perspective.

I’m a huge believer that healing your wounds to become who you’re meant to be doesn’t have to be complicated.

As human beings we come equipped with everything we need to heal ourselves and live the richest expressions of our lives.

All you need to do is tap into that power. And there are so many simple, accessible, nurturing ways to do that, without having to keep poking at the past.

That’s why I trained to be a certified ThetaHealer® and also a Chopra Meditation™ Instructor.

I want you to rediscover your full power, your beauty and, most of all, your natural bliss.

I can’t wait to work with you. [Read full bio here]

Have questions about ThetaHealing® before booking your session? Reach out via WhatsApp or email