Simple So Hum Meditation

If you’re looking to establish a regular meditation practice, this is an easy way to start.

In this video, I take you through a So Hum meditation.

We use a mantra (which is a word used for its vibrational quality) to take you beyond the thinking process, and sink into a deeper, wider and more expansive level of consciousness.

In meditation we reach a state called restful awareness and in this state we release stress, fatigue and toxins. The mind/body system heals. This has been widely documented by science, and the research is simply mind-blowing.

But there’s also another aspect to meditation beyond its regulatory and healing superpowers. In meditation we connect with our true essence. We can call it our spirit, our soul, source, the field of infinite possibilities. Quantum physics calls it the unified field.

This field represents our creative potential, beyond all the restrictions our conditioning places on our experience of being alive.

In meditation, you get reacquainted with the joy, wellbeing, compassion, love and creativity that is already inside you. Each time you meditate, you bring it out into your life a little more. Your life expands and your experience of it becomes a beautiful love affair.

So, if there’s one thing you put in place to take care of yourself right now, let it be a daily meditation practice.

With love,

Goddesses in the world - Celebrating the Goddess within

Chopra Meditation™ Instructor

P.S. After you meditate with me on this video, practice doing it by yourself with the mantra So Hum. That way, you’ll be able to practice it anywhere, anytime, without needing a device 🙂