I am not this glorious shell
I move graciously in
This skin that protects me sheds
as I walk through life – I have many.

I am beauty and flaw
I am darkness and light
I am desperation and infinite hope
I am magic and deceit.

Yet, I am none of those things – mind, body
I am this limitless witnessing presence,
made of everything and nothing
I am what I see when I close my eyes
Boundaries shed, eternal gift, mighty force.

I am fear and I am courage. I am
life itself and the subject of it.
I am the part of you who feels
I am the part of you who wallows in sadness
We are the oneness that unites us – two parts of the same coin.

You, the one who seems so different. Friend. Enemy
We are one and the same
fooled by the separateness our senses seduce us with

In the pause of it all
we are the breath we share
behind the curtain that divides us we are love and togetherness
Mighty, overwhelming love in this beautiful illusion
we call life.

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