Jax: Goddess of Bliss

Jax: Goddess of Bliss

If you’ve been sitting on a project for a while, waiting for the conditions to be perfect, today’s goddess story is for you.

Jax Storey is a true goddess and creator of wonderful things. She’s a journey practitioner, natural health advocate and the creator of Aroha Soul, her stunning spiritual jewellery line.

At the age of 18 she experienced a spiritual awakening that completely transformed the fabric and course of her life. She became a truth seeker, looking for the deeper meaning of life: why we’re here and what its purpose truly is.

Her life took many twists and turns since that experience and we sat down to discuss key valuable insights from her rich journey.

This was my first live interview and it was recorded in the midst of what felt like complete chaos (spoiler alert: there’s a super cute baby in the background), yet Jax was able to share her wisdom and craft with powerful presence.

The sound’s not great, the lighting’s not great, we had to totally work around a baby who was supposed to be asleep…

So here’s why I’ve decided to go ahead and publish this video… this is how life happens. Sometimes the conditions aren’t favourable, but for the sake of serving others and putting our ideas out into the world, that first step can be the most important.

We’re so used to seeing everything edited to the max – don’t get me wrong, in the future I intend to have better production – but sometimes we just have to show you the truth, so that, when you’re about to do your thing, you don’t freeze because it’s not perfect.

So watch this if:

  • You want inspiration to go live and go for progress instead of waiting for conditions to be perfect
  • You want to hear what it takes to start something you’re passionate about from scratch, with ease and following your intuition
  • You want to take control of your health right now with Jax’s five natural health go-tos

Jax holds so much wisdom and she represents true goddess light. After you watch, I’d love to know… What was your favourite part of the interview?

Leave me your comment below and let me know.

Check out Jax’s work:

With love,

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Maria Vlachou: Goddess of Accessible Culture

Maria Vlachou: Goddess of Accessible Culture

Maria Vlachou is an amazing, passionate woman with whom I’ve had the privilege of working and sharing a friendship for a decade and a half.

She was one of my first mentors when I lived in Portugal and she made a profound impact in my life, both professionally and personally, as an example of the mark a fully-expressed woman can make in the world.

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My gentleness flows
Whether my anger knows it or not
Buried under the blurry thoughts
Running a mile an hour in my head.

I know. I know. I know.
Even when confusion seems to be the only thing I’m clear about
Until I remember where to look.

I get stuck in a dance between my past and the next step forward.
Between my brilliance and my darkest shadow. Looking outward,
knees-deep in muddy waters
Desperately hoping someone else shows me the way out.

But the compass keeps pointing at me
I look around, there’s nobody else.
Just me, my angst and my magic, sitting beside each other.

I pause, tune into the silence, look at the water
Feel the warmth of my knowing in my heart.
It’s there, it’s always there.
Welcome home, I hear.

I am the path, the walker and the destination.
I remember. I forget. I remember.
I close my eyes and I’m home again.