Susan: Goddess of Inner Wisdom

Susan: Goddess of Inner Wisdom

If you wish you had instant access to the wisdom and trust you need to handle life’s challenges powerfully, today’s Goddess Story is for you.

Susan Harrington-Baker is the founder of Love Being You and her mission is to help people understand themselves better and use their own intuition, wisdom and truth to navigate life.

Susan has helped me personally change the course of my career back in 2013 and she’s also helped me create very smooth birthing experiences for my two daughters with her hypnobirthing sessions.

Susan has so many qualifications and gifts.

To me, one of the biggest gifts Susan brings to the world is her ability to get others to become confident with such simple tools, no matter how low they feel about themselves and their circumstances.

In this juicy interview, you’ll learn:

  • What spirituality means and how to use it to solve anything
  • How to use the power of your imagination to make you feel instantly better and make the right decisions for you
  • The value spirituality could bring to your life with very simple daily practices
  • How to access your confidence with a very simple (and so awesome!) 5 minute exercise – if you want to get straight to it, skip to minute 23:08

After you watch, I’d love to know… What came up for you during the visualisation exercise? Leave me your comment below.

Check out Susan’s work:

With love,
Goddesses in the world - Celebrating the Goddess within

P.S. Susan has an awesome FREE online workshop starting tomorrow. It’s called Link Your Inner Wisdom, where she’ll share more of these tools, so make sure to check it out.

Maria Vlachou: Goddess of Accessible Culture

Maria Vlachou: Goddess of Accessible Culture

Maria Vlachou is an amazing, passionate woman with whom I’ve had the privilege of working and sharing a friendship for a decade and a half.

She was one of my first mentors when I lived in Portugal and she made a profound impact in my life, both professionally and personally, as an example of the mark a fully-expressed woman can make in the world.

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My gentleness flows
Whether my anger knows it or not
Buried under the blurry thoughts
Running a mile an hour in my head.

I know. I know. I know.
Even when confusion seems to be the only thing I’m clear about
Until I remember where to look.

I get stuck in a dance between my past and the next step forward.
Between my brilliance and my darkest shadow. Looking outward,
knees-deep in muddy waters
Desperately hoping someone else shows me the way out.

But the compass keeps pointing at me
I look around, there’s nobody else.
Just me, my angst and my magic, sitting beside each other.

I pause, tune into the silence, look at the water
Feel the warmth of my knowing in my heart.
It’s there, it’s always there.
Welcome home, I hear.

I am the path, the walker and the destination.
I remember. I forget. I remember.
I close my eyes and I’m home again.