Communication is the essence of life.

What we speak and communicate over, gets created. Relationships, milestones, experiences, connections. Excitement and disappointment. Love and resentment.

Words and language give shape to our world.

For every idea that’s ever seen the light of day, communication was its means to materialisation. Every experience we’ve ever lived started the same way.

The quality of our communication determines the level of exquisiteness of our human experience.

But we very rarely seem conscious or deliberate enough about the creative power of our communication. If we stop to witness, we’ll see that most of our daily communication is reactive, automated, mundane and lifeless.

In every area of life, particularly relationships, we seem to easily give up the eloquence and creative potential of our communication, in favour of quick fixes.

We comment, like, tweet, text, speak over devices. We use these little word-bites to try and stay connected with the people in our lives, give birth to new ideas, passions and projects. We barely touch the surface.

In the seemingly time-starved pace of life we live today, we survive communication. Instead of creating it.

While social media notifications bring with them a brief sense of joy, the true price to pay for this instant fix is loneliness, disconnection, the feeling of emptiness and lack of purpose we often go to bed with.

But are we really that busy for meaningful communication? Or is this the perfect excuse to avoid what it takes to communicate authentically? Is this the perfect shield from the paralysing fear of rejection, ridicule and shame we meet if we’re to be true to who we are and tell people how we truly feel?

We both know the honest answer to this.

Our concern for staying safe kills the spice of life. It costs opportunities, aliveness, expression, authentic connection and limitless love.

And it’s too big a price to pay.

Juicy communication takes courage, and, above all, awareness of the lukewarmness that permeates our every day lives.

This is the starting point.

What if we were to be as diligent with our communication as we are with attaining our material possessions? What if we were to run regular checks on the quality of our communication, the flavour it’s bringing to our experiences and the levels of vitality we’re sharing in our relationships with others and ourselves? What would we see?

Rich communication requires love and commitment. Like anything in life.

It starts with creating a powerful intention. Be it creating love, getting a passion project off the ground, reclaiming a lost friendship, creating partnership… And then communicate from that place.

Our every-day communication is loaded with our attachments to specific outcomes and manipulative efforts to control situations and people. It’s limited and diminishes the creative power that runs in our veins.

But we can consciously choose to interrupt it.

Communication will always be a dance between survival and magic. Our mission is to create the perfect balance between the ordinary and the divine.

To bring magic and spice to our communication, and be lit up by the experiences that follow, we must surrender to unpredictability. We must give up control. We must give fully and risk getting nothing in return.

Sometimes it will create. Sometimes it will make something fall apart. But the intensity of a full experience will always outweigh the less-than feeling something average brings. It’s not for the faint-hearted. But it’s worth the risk.

Nothing makes us feel more alive, on fire and present to who we are than when we have a rich conversation.

When authentic, unfiltered sharing and listening get going, it’s sacred. Words, energy and creativity flow. A thousand ideas come to life and strength pours out of our skin. Dreams seem possible and love reigns. Two become one.

And it can all be created in a moment of honouring our intention. Where we allow our words and our true essence to create our world as we want to see it.

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