The presence of uncertainty and sudden, extreme change challenges our very existence and has the potential to compromise our wellbeing if we don’t keep our minds in check.

Are we grounded and present or are we stuck in the dream of disempowering perspectives and catastrophic visualisations?

In times of stress, we’re biologically geared to jump into worst case scenarios and our survival instincts can hijack our sense of logic and connection. Awareness is key.

What we’re facing globally is unprecedented and is shaking our sense of security, safety and is testing our sense of hope in the future to the max.

Without warning, we’re being asked to let go of all the ways we’ve been operating, what we’ve been striving for, the way we relate to one another and the very root of how we’re living our lives. Everything is up for questioning while we experience a forced global pause.

Couple this with 24/7 coverage of what’s going on, including nearly up to the minute info on number of cases and deaths, a lot of misinformation in the mix and you have a recipe for the chaos we find ourselves in.

That’s a lot to process for any human being. That’s why this is the time to use all the tools we have to stay emotionally and mentally healthy and focused on the right things. Resilience is the foundation we must ground ourselves on.

Insta Conversations with Ange Macdonald

My friend Ange Macdonald is running a series of Insta Conversations and she asked me to share in the short video above my key tips on resilience.

In 9 minutes, I talk about four components as the foundation for resilience: hope, creativity, acceptance of reality as it is and responding powerfully to our circumstances.

Nobody really knows what our lives and the world at large will look like when we’re through this. There are predictions, yes, but nobody knows for sure.

On our side we have two things. The power of space and a break from the normal pace of life.

Will this be life’s last blow? Absolutely not. So we must ask ourselves – Is this the end of the world? It is, but only as we know it.

Onward. With resilience. And creativity by our side.


Goddesses in the world - Celebrating the Goddess within

P.S. What are your main go-tos in times of distress? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Absolutely true, it’s time for us to rise! Your post has really motivated me, and made my day! Thank you.
    I also like how effectively you are able to convey your thoughts.
    I don’t want to miss out on your future writings, thus I have followed your blog. 🙂

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