Why wouldn’t you go out and create something beautiful? After all, it’s been trapped inside you for so long!

Who’s it going to serve, trapped inside your creative drawer? Why are you so committed to taking it to the graveyard with you?

When I say beautiful, creative, I mean anything that you’ve wanted to do for the longest time but you keep postponing in the name of fitting a molde that was imposed upon you.

Like housework and the soul-crushing job you’ve sacrificed your self-expression for. Or all the other masks that feel safe and cushy. You know the ones… Mother, daughter, friend, tough, composed, controlled, affluent. Competent. Serious. Nervous. Successful. Beautiful. Subservient. Accommodating. Nice. Good.

Here’s one good label: about-to-die-afraid-of-messing-up-and-miss-out-on-the-wild-ride-of-being-alive-and-a-woman-inthisworld.

Who are you trying to please? And what for?

Go on and sing. Start in the shower. Strum your guitar. Start in your lounge or inside a small cupboard if you must. Wear that thing. The special occasion is now. Get that haircut. Write that poem. Join that team. Ride that bike. Go fishing. Go dance. Try. Create. Fall. Get up again. Say what you want to say. Start with one word.

But for the love of all things sacred, get to know what brings you joy and start piecing together the creative, playful life-force you are.

Life is to be messed with. There are a thousand fulfilling rapturous experiences waiting for you.

What cages are you willingly living inside of? It’s time to change perspective and break-free.

You are worthy. You are good enough.

If you die tomorrow, what will you leave undone, unexpressed, unsaid, uncreated? And what good will that do to anyone, beautiful?

The time is now.

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