Hope in Chaotic Times

Hope in Chaotic Times

I’m writing to you the very words I need to be reminded of right now.

For the last two years it feels like the world has been upside down, in an irreversible kind of way.

When we thought the world around us couldn’t feel more crazy and uncertain, Russia’s attack on Ukraine throws what feels like the ultimate blow to our already worn out collective spirit.

In times like this, it feels tempting to give into despair and allow hopelessness to infect our own lives. Especially as real time footage invades our screens and we consume horror after horror for way longer than we should.

But adding our despair and hopelessness to the chaos is the last thing the world, our communities (and ultimately ourselves) need.

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Are you a good girl?

Are you a good girl?

How many times were we praised as children, every time we complied with, agreed with or did something because we were asked to?

Too many. Over and over again.

Almost every time we fitted into the external idea of how a good child is meant to behave, the automatic GOOD GIRL praise would be plastered all over us by the closest (well-meaning) adult.

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