I’m writing to you the very words I need to be reminded of right now.

For the last two years it feels like the world has been upside down, in an irreversible kind of way.

When we thought the world around us couldn’t feel more crazy and uncertain, Russia’s attack on Ukraine throws what feels like the ultimate blow to our already worn out collective spirit.

In times like this, it feels tempting to give into despair and allow hopelessness to infect our own lives. Especially as real time footage invades our screens and we consume horror after horror for way longer than we should.

But adding our despair and hopelessness to the chaos is the last thing the world, our communities (and ultimately ourselves) need.

In fact, this is when we need to strengthen and balance our own inner worlds and tune in to our power so we can take actions where possible to make a difference.

I’m not talking about sticking your head in the sand and look the other way. I’m talking about looking at everything from an expansive, creative and grounded perspective, instead of allowing fear to lead the way. And then taking action from that place.

The only way we can do this is to find ways to remember the mighty power of the (your!) human spirit, instead of focusing on its weaknesses.

This creative and mighty power lives right inside you (and each of us) and living life honouring that power is the only way we can experience and imagine a better life, both personally and collectively.

The fear-based collective state of consciousness that created the dark futures we’re living into doesn’t represent the truth of who we are as human beings – it’s just that we’ve forgotten what we’re truly capable of.

We’re under a collective hypnosis, side-swiped by the daily mind-fu**ery that the last five or six years of collective life have dished out. But we’re not helpless. 

We’re experts in overcoming adversity. And, more importantly, we are powerful beyond measure and capable of unthinkable brilliance.

And it’s about time we organise our communities around our potential and beauty instead of our fears, resignation and limited thinking.

And while we navigate this turbulence, we must focus on tending to our inner world.

We must find ways of breaking through our own fears and limitations and work towards a personal and collective future worth living.

The antidote to hopelessness is action. Action based in new ways of thinking, to take us off the same well honed ruts we find ourselves in.

When you find yourself caving into fear, find ways to commune with your true essence; your unlimited creative power. Find openings for contribution.

Cultivate it with nourishing, empowering daily practices. And gather with people who are doing the same.

When more empowered people band together, new futures become possible. No action is too small to bring it about. Our job is to start with our own lives. 

The world needs our (your) hope, your love, your contribution and your zest for life.

With all my love,

Goddesses in the world - Celebrating the Goddess within

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