My gentleness flows
Whether my anger knows it or not
Buried under the blurry thoughts
Running a mile an hour in my head.

I know. I know. I know.
Even when confusion seems to be the only thing I’m clear about
Until I remember where to look.

I get stuck in a dance between my past and the next step forward.
Between my brilliance and my darkest shadow. Looking outward,
knees-deep in muddy waters
Desperately hoping someone else shows me the way out.

But the compass keeps pointing at me
I look around, there’s nobody else.
Just me, my angst and my magic, sitting beside each other.

I pause, tune into the silence, look at the water
Feel the warmth of my knowing in my heart.
It’s there, it’s always there.
Welcome home, I hear.

I am the path, the walker and the destination.
I remember. I forget. I remember.
I close my eyes and I’m home again.

Body Image

Body Image

As I watch my little goddess grow, I get reminded that we’re not born body-conscious.

My 15 month old is fully connected with her body, mind and soul and spends exactly zero time making judgements of herself.

She smiles when she sees her reflection in the mirror, she gets excited when she discovers her body can master a new movement and she stops eating when she’s full, while passing no judgement on what she’s eating.

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